• Robert A. Stebbins
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This book is anchored in the concept of career, as seen by the people who make decisions about the question of ‘what to do with my life?’ This question most commonly emerges between late adolescence and young adulthood, though it may also be pondered in mid-life and even at the time of retirement, as in ‘what to do with the rest of my life?’ Apart from the classic economic concerns of pay, health care, fringe benefits, and the like and possibly chances for promotion, many people give little careful thought to a career in either work or leisure. In fact, one of the principal themes of this book is that interest in a fulfillment career, even when it leads to deeply attractive work, originates in leisure. Here participants discover some of the deepest meanings of fulfillment. What is more, the first exposure to that leisure may be casual or serious or come through a leisure project.

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