How to Study Power and Saints

  • Päivi Salmesvuori
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Birgitta of Sweden (1302/3–1373) was a mother, visionary, counselor to a king, inventor of her own rule, saint, and one of the best-known medieval women in history. This study focuses on Birgitta of Sweden as an exerciser of power. I will concentrate on the beginning of her career when she still lived in Sweden; my main interest lies in the years between 1340 and 1349. This was an important period for Birgitta as a visionary, since she received the greater part of her recorded revelations during these years. She left Sweden for Rome in 1349 and lived there until her death. The main sources for my study are Birgitta’s revelations. Birgitta and her collaborators started to record her revelations in 1344, and approximately seven hundred of them survive. Most of her revelations were written down in Sweden between 1344 and 1349.


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