• Valeria P. Babini
  • Chiara Beccalossi
  • Lucy Riall
Part of the Genders and Sexualities in History Series book series (GSX)


The history of sexuality defies easy categorisation; as Matt Houlbrook states, its vitality derives from its pluralism.1 It explores men and women in the past as sexual beings, the ways they understood and experienced their sexual desires, and how their sexual behaviour was organised, regulated and constrained. There is little that cannot be included in this field. Social and cultural histories, political and economic histories, nationbuilding and welfare, and gender relations — all are marked by sex and sexuality. The field has porous boundaries and connects to a number of areas such as gender history, women’s history, the history of the body, the history of science, and political and legal history.


Sexual Behaviour Nineteenth Century Sexual Attitude Sexual Custom Political History 
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  • Chiara Beccalossi
  • Lucy Riall

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