Life in School Is Occupational



At the beginning of this book, I mentioned my aim: to share a better understanding of life in school, as experienced by the young people who live it. It is my hope that you can perhaps now see a little more clearly how life in school works, as expressed via the various occupations lived by young people in school — from academic classroom to outdoor education. My interpretations of the accounts of school camp and school — as shared with me by Alison, Amanda, Brendan, Bill, David, Elizabeth, Gwen, Julie and Sam — highlighted two broad occupations — being-a-school-camper (mainly as being-anexpo-group-member) and being-a-middle-school-student (mainly as being-an-academic-student), as well as many others that are more specific. Such interpretations were enabled by a particular rendering of the works of Dewey and Heidegger (see Quay, 2013; Quay & Seaman, 2013), revealing life in school as constituted by ways of being or occupations, which are at the same time ways of doing and ways of knowing.


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