Securitization and Conventional Mobilization

  • Ariane Chebel d’Appollonia
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A September 2012 Newsweek cover featured a photograph of a mob of yelling men accompanied by a headline proclaiming “Muslim Rage.” The unspecified photograph was presumably taken during one of the anti-US protests in a Muslim country. Newsweek invited readers to comment on the photo by using the hashtag #MuslimRage. This generated a storm of tweets, some offensive (from non-Muslims), but most of them satirical (from Muslims), such as “there is no payer room in this nightclub,” and “my hijab does not match my outfit.” The most popular ironical tweet, purportedly expressing true “Muslim Rage” was: “Lost your kid named Jihad at the airport and can’t yell for him.”


Political Participation Presidential Election Muslim Community Political Engagement Labour Party 
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