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Emerging Insights on World Humanism

  • Shiban Khan
  • Wolfgang Amann
Part of the Humanism in Business Series book series (HUBUS)


What are the key insights to be learned from the chapters on world humanism? At the end of this book, we are keen to induct three key lessons from the included contributions. The first one important to us brings us to the question of whether the world is flat or spiky. We allude to key authors and colleagues who have discussed to what extent practices around the world have converged already. According to Thomas Freedman (2007) as stated in his award winning book, the world has become a level playing field in terms of commerce. Everyone has the same opportunities, and historical and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant. In the increasingly rapid occupation of market and technological niches, we can ill afford to pay attention to differences in practicing management. The world, as a consequence, has become flat. Let us see in the following, how and whether this book connects to Freedman’s train of thought.


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