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  • Timothy C. Caboni
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Consider the following news stories from 2012 and 2013:
  • In 2013, donors gave $34 billion to North American colleges, the most ever raised in one year (Rivard 2014).

  • Fourteen American colleges and universities have dropped the use of Native American terms or imagery from their athletics since 2005, thanks to public pressure (Rogers 2013).

  • Vanderbilt University reduced average student indebtedness by over $5,000, thanks to a $108 million campaign to raise money for financial aid (Kiley 2013).

  • The University of Delaware considered adding a PhD financed by JPMorgan Chase, which would include student aid, faculty salaries, and campus renovations; the bank would be involved with dissertation committees, among other areas (Rivard 2013).

  • The University of Hawaii spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in damage control after attempting to hire Stevie Wonder for a concert but instead paying money to a sham talent agency (Stripling 2012).

  • Two Koch brothers’ foundations donated $12.7 million to colleges and universities in 2012, funding initiatives such as programs as the “moral imperatives of free markets and individual liberty” (Levinthal 2014).


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