Concentration of Foreign Firms in Poland based on Industrial Specialization and Country-of-Origin Criteria: The Results and Summary of the Evidence

Part of the Studies in Economic Transition book series (SET)


Spaces are generally explicitly or implicitly divided and polarized by a number of intrinsic and extrinsic forces that influence their development. This research identifies and reveals the existing location strengths within Poland — applying proposed index measures RLAis-Hl and RLAco-H2 — and seeks to determine specific geographic advantages and heterogeneity of the regions. Further, analysis is made based on the existing industrial development path and local factor endowments supporting the investment in them — H3s. Also, further strategic location choices between leading industry firms and followers will be revealed from the results.


Real Estate Foreign Investment Foreign Firm Tobacco Product Skilled Labor 
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  1. 1.The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of ManagementUniversity of CaliforniaUK
  2. 2.Rotterdam School of ManagementErasmus UniversityNetherlands

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