Rehabilitation in Romania: The Case of Lucreţiu Pătrăşcanu

  • Calin Goina


On 17 April 1954, Lucretiu Päträ?canu, one of the founders and leaders of the Romanian Communist Party (RCP), was executed as a supposed traitor. According to the official report:

at 2 am, one hour before execution time, we went to the cell of the accused, informing him that the time had come to expiate his guilt. We asked him whether he had anything to confess, or whether we could do anything for him. He answered negatively.... The assistant judge of the Military Committee of the Supreme Tribunal read out the verdict in front of the execution squad. Päträ?canu was led to the execution site, a blindfold was put over him, and he was shot, today, 17 April 1954, at 3am.1


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