How Hard Can it Be? The Conservatives

  • Philip Cowley
  • Dennis Kavanagh


For much of the Parliament, there was disagreement among Conservatives about how to interpret the 2010 election. David Cameron’s critics never forgave him for failing to win the election outright, especially against such an unpopular Prime Minister as Gordon Brown. Partly, this was a criticism of the party’s tactics — most obviously the decision to take part in the television debates which gave Nick Clegg so much visibility and credibility — but it was also a criticism of the fundamental messages on which the party had fought the 2010 election. Critics dismissed the manifesto’s idea of a Big Society, both intellectually and as a doorstep message, and criticised the lack of emphasis on Europe, immigration and tax cuts. The election post-mortem conducted by the Conservative-Home website regarded it as a missed opportunity, one made worse by Cameron then forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.1


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