Lipsi 2000–2010: History and Storytelling


Lipsi forms part of the Dodecanese insular complex in South East Aegean Sea (see figure 0.1);1 the name refers to the largest island among a group of islets that all cover 17.35 sq. km.2 In terms of ecclesiastical administration it belongs to the Patriarchal Exarchate of Patmos (along with the islands of Agathonissi and Arkioi), which is “under the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople.”3 The official population of the island, which also forms a municipality, is currently 790 permanent residents (2011 Census), against 698 ten years earlier (2001 Census),4 most of whom live in the single settlement, Chorió (the village), where the entire social life of the island is assembled in the winter months (see figure 0.3 and 0.4).5


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