Centralization, Decentralization and the Construction of a Catalan Political Regionalism, 1815–74



The consolidation of Spanish liberalism would be accompanied by growing tensions between Catalan cultural and political actors of both Right and Left and the central state. This chapter will focus on the causes and consequences of this conflict. In this respect it will further explore issues raised in the previous two chapters. The key question will be why the Catalan regionalist identity of these Catalan actors became increasingly radicalized from the 1850s, giving rise in the first place to what we have termed a ‘conflictive regionalism’, and subsequently to self-styled ‘Catalanist’ currents. At the same time, we shall further study these men’s critique of the central state, the cultural demands they made, and the political programmes they formulated. A particular area of focus will be whether there was any chance of their demands being accepted by the central state, and the consequences of their failure to construct a more pluralist Spain.


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