The Conservative Attack Machine: “Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Launch Counterattack”

  • Donald Lazere
Part of the Education, Politics, and Public Life book series (EPPL)


The conservative assault on academic political correctness must be viewed in the context of a continuous series of political and cultural offensives, engineered by the Republican Party and its allies since the 1970s. The Republican strategy of attack and polarization has persisted up to the present, indeed reaching new levels of shrillness since the elections of 2010, as in recent assaults against public employees and their unions, including in education, as well as against government agencies in general, targeted for demolition in the ginned-up panic over deficits and debt ceilings, all in the wake of the recession triggered by the Wall Street crash of 2008. Among the strategies of this offensive has been to scapegoat alleged misdeeds on the academic and cultural left as a distraction from far more pernicious activities on the right and to distort the proportions between the two. The mainstream media, with their present tense fixation, have been remiss in not considering these recent Republican campaigns as reiterations of an historical pattern, so this should be another responsibility of scholars and teachers. The next four chapters develop my earlier references to the deliberate mimicry by conservatives of every line of argument and piece of evidence supporting the left, toward the ultimate aim of obfuscating any possibility of the truth being ascertained, through what I term “right-wing deconstruction.”


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