An Appeal to Conservative Readers
  • Donald Lazere
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And so my case rests in favor of a leftist bias in higher education and media. I make the same appeal to conservative readers that Lynne Cheney made to liberal readers of Telling the Truth: “Try to show I am mistaken if you wish, but do so with sound evidence and sound reasoning. Invective and accusation will merely serve as evidence of the low status into which truth has fallen in our time” (6). In other words, abide by my “Ground Rules for Polemicists,” and call me out when I have broken them, but “try scrupulously to establish an accurate proportion and sense of reciprocity.” Conservatives will protest, “But you have piled on a couple hundred pages of one-sided arguments and evidence, and it would take that many pages to refute them all. No one has that kind of time.” Quite right, and it is precisely my point that conservatives attempt to propagate similar saturation in all the arenas of public discourse that they dominate. QED.


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