Work, Friendship and the NTE

  • Oliver Smith
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For some of the respondents within this study, participation within the night-time economy (NTE) appears to be kept rigorously separate from their working lives. For some, like Evan whom we met previously, this is due to a process of distinction (see Bourdieu, 1984) whereby he did not possess the same patterns of attributes and activities as did the majority of his work colleagues, while his habitus was afforded little value. Other respondents are wary when it comes to mixing their out-of-the-workplace identity with their workplace identity. Sally, a 32-year-old health professional is one such example:

I have to be pretty careful about being seen out and about in town. It didn’t matter so much when I was working in [a neighbouring city] but now there is a chance that I might see someone out in town when I’m drunk who I have been treating earlier or, say, the son or daughter of a patient. It looks totally unprofessional, but they could also put in a complaint to my supervisor, and I could probably get struck off.


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