This book examines how and to what extent the night-time economy (NTE) maintains its allure to committed adult consumers as they leave their twenties behind, and plough inexorably into what would traditionally be termed ‘adulthood’. Utilising original qualitative data drawn from an extended group of individuals between the ages of 30 and 40 living in a city in the north of England, I attempt to make sense of the deep emotional and aesthetic attachment many people develop to urban drinking cultures. Of particular interest is the utility of these consumerised leisure markets for youth identities, cultures and social networks and the extent to which these change over time as the individual’s circumstances adapt to the changing social requirements of each phase of the life course. On a more abstract level, I am interested in the relationship between the subjective experience of social reality and the overarching influences that shape the social and cultural world. Perhaps young consumers are ‘captured’ by the ideology of liberal capitalism. Alternatively, the cultures of the NTE may serve as creative and organic structures free from the influence of the dominant ideology. It might even be reasonable to propose that the cultures of the NTE are politically resistant to capitalist hegemony, that the cultural life of the NTE is structured around a ‘taking back’ of this cultural ground from the dour corporatist agenda.


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