Industrial Relations Development: Perspectives from Advanced Economies

  • Michael A. Oyelere


This chapter reviews the changing approaches taken by trade unions. In order to understand why trade unions embark on certain methods of action as a means for achieving their objectives, some classic and contemporary theories in the field will be examined. This examination aims to provide insight into the relevance of unions’ political actions and how such action has affected unions’ development and power. The study will further provide a review of literature dealing with methods employed by labour movements in the United Kingdom and United States. This is not intended to be a highly detailed review. Rather, it highlights major political actions and the antecedents and consequences of such actions on the labour movement. The works of Webb and Webb (1894, 1897), Cunningham (1882), Foner (1964, 1965, 1975) and Commons (1905, 1918) are amongst the classictheorists that will be visited.


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