Maximal Diplomacy with Minimal Military

  • Oleh Havrylyshyn
  • Nora Srzentić
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Berkovic (2010) provides a comprehensive analysis of Ragusa/Dubrovnik foreign policy, and this section is based to a large extent on his work, as well as that of Harris (2003) and Carter (1972) which devotes several chapters to diplomatic developments over more than seven centuries with each of the main neighbours, trading partners, suzerains, friends, and foes in effect for each of the historical phases listed in Chapter 3. The chapter title avers to the commonly held view that Ragusa, unlike virtually all other nations and states of the period, did not achieve its commercial power by use of force, substituting this with skilful and constant diplomacy. The only data of relative expenditures on these two categories is unfortunately for the very late period around 1800, the Bara Bettera budget numbers discussed in Chapter 8. So far, any efforts to find similar complete budget data for earlier years in secondary sources or even to identify possible location of such data in the Archives has been unsuccessful. Certainly, given the importance of this common hypothesis, there is room for future researchers to delve into Archival information; it is hard to believe the ever-correct Ragusan government would not have systematically kept such books. Indeed, a renowned Croatian historian of Ragusa, Tadic (1961), quite explicitly makes reference to a set of archival books he had intended to use for a comprehensive analysis of state budgets over the years.1


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