Migrations, Prospects

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Film enthusiasts the world over may be excused for knowing little about Greek film. The extent of their appreciation usually peters out after a faltering mention of Michalis Cacoyiannis’s Zorba the Greek or his film versions of classical tragedies, Melina Mercouri, or the diasporic likes of Elia Kazan, Costa Gavras, or John Cassavetes. Theo Angelopoulos is probably the one director most will know, even if they refer to him only as the director whose names begins with an A or whose films are painfully slow but beautiful. Angelopoulos represents the Alpha and the Omega of Greek film worldwide. His Θίασος (Traveling Players) (1975) has been listed among the ten masterpieces of world cinema; his films routinely attract transnational audiences; and he is the only Greek film director to have received top honors at the Cannes Film Festival for his film Eternity and a Day (1998).


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