Introduction: The Problem of Post-Racialism

  • Milton Vickerman
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Barack Obama’s election as president of the United States in 2008 was no ordinary event. It represented a radical break in American history, a potent symbol of black progress, and a significant example of the society’s ability to move some way toward living up to its higher ideals. The startling truth of a black president juxtaposed against the backdrop of a brutal racial history explains the excitement expressed by Americans and people around the globe. Observers who claimed to be witnessing history were not being hyperbolic; nor were their tears mere expressions of sentiment. Obama’s victory seemed the very essence of Martin Luther King’s Promised Land, where content of character, rather than presumed group-based attributes, determines the individual’s fate.


Racial Discrimination Residential Segregation Upward Mobility Undocumented Immigrant Color Blindness 
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