The ‘Barbie’ and WiFi

  • Katrina Jungnickel


This chapter is situated at a WiFi meeting. I describe the nature of membership and explain different forms of network connection. Foregrounding the multidimensional, co-located and occasionally contradictory nature of WiFi representations, I discuss how they connect people together, aid recruitment and teach members about new applications. I argue that the resilience and responsiveness of the seemingly scattergun visual culture is well suited to the idiosyncrasies of WiFi makers and their disparate ideas and approaches. I also introduce and explain the role of the barbeque or ‘barbie’ in the making of WiFi, arguing that it operates as a critical means of contending with the complexities of the technology by domesticating public spaces and cementing social ties.


Disparate Idea Visual Culture WiFi Network Slice Bread Radio Amateur 
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