Preparing for a Mobile Educational Future

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There’s a pressing need for teacher training about mobile technologies. In fact, it’s hard to find a point more widely made in the research literature (e.g., Pachler et al., 2010; UNESCO, 2013c; West, 2012a). In the developed world we’re just starting to see a shift, with ICTs finding their way into teacher standards and national curricula (e.g., Oakley et al., 2012), and more in-service professional development (PD) courses covering ICTs; in both cases, room is increasingly made for mobile tools. In the developing world, on the other hand, it’s estimated that up to half of all teachers lack adequate training (GSMA, 2010a) — that is, general training, not just ICT training. This issue is compounded by the need to recruit millions more teachers in coming years (West, 2012a). Thus, the need for teacher training about mobile tools is part of a much larger problem — where, curiously, teacher training through mobile tools might be part of the answer.


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