”One Has to Belong, Somehow”: Acts of Belonging at the Intersection of Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Citizenship

  • Ilgin Yorukoglu
Part of the Studies in the Psychosocial book series (STIP)


I am in Zeynep’s apartment in Shoeneberg, Berlin. A mother of three young boys, Zeynep has not had an easy life: She attempted suicide in her teens and suffered years of domestic violence. In recent years, however, her relationship with her parents has improved. Almost in tears, she says that she forgives her family. She accepts them as they are.1 Forgiveness appears as a way to claim belonging to her family without discarding her other identifications, as she says “one has to belong … somehow.”


Sexual Orientation Innate Character Normal Anxiety Liquid Modernity Instinctual Drive 
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