Metaphor in Chinese ‘Entertainmentalised’ News



The booming entertainment industry and the desire for markets in China has made entertainment a crucial element in news production and writing. This has given rise to what Chinese media researchers term as ‘entertainmentalisation of news’.1 Even political news and current affairs, which represents the most serious news genre in China and is under the tight control of the Communist Party, is no exception (Luo 2005; Yan 2005): political clichés are removed or replaced with novel expression; the rigid writing style has become more flexible; and the page layouts are more vividly designed. Sports news, which lies in close proximity to entertainment news, is also inclined to be written in a highly dramatised and sensationalised style in order to maximise the entertaining experience for the readers (Luc 2003; Zhang, M. Z. 2005). Therefore, it is interesting to compare the use of metaphors between entertainmentalised news and entertainment news.


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