Metaphor Analysis and News Corpora



Charteris-Black’s (2004) Critical Metaphor Analysis (CMA) is a model that combines Conceptual Metaphor Theory Critical Discourse Analysis and corpus methodology. This model is based on the idea that ‘covert’ and ‘unconscious’ intentions and ideologies underlie the use of metaphor in discourse, and through critical analysis of metaphor these intentions and ideologies can be revealed. In order to explain how this aim can be realised, Charteris-Black (2004: 35) proposes a three-stage procedure: stage 1) Metaphor Identification: it aims “to identify the presence of metaphor and determine whether there is a tension between a literal source domain and a metaphorical target domain”; stage 2) Metaphor Interpretation: it aims “to identify the type of social relations constructed through metaphors”; and stage 3) Metaphor Explanation: it aims “to examine the way that metaphors are interrelated and become coherent with reference to the context in which they occur”.


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