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I open the second volume of the highly acclaimed book of Saul Friedländer, Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1933–1945: The Years of Extermination, 1939–1945 (2008), expecting to find something like the statement which opens the second volume of Richard J. Evans’s similarly acclaimed The Third Reich in Power, 1933–1939 (2006). Evans’s book begins: ‘This is the story of the Third Reich, [...] from the moment when it completed its seizure of power in the summer of 1933 to [...] the beginning of September 1939’ (p. xv.). But I do not find this kind of opening in Friedländer’s book; I do not even find any statement about this being a ‘history’ of Nazi Germany and the Jews. Instead, I find — just after the title and the dedication — on a single page by itself, the following words presented in the following format:

The struggle to save myself is hopeless .... But that’s not important. Because I am able to bring my account to its end and trust that it will see the light of day when the time is right ... And people will know what happened ... And they will ask, is this the truth? I reply in advance: No, this is not the truth, this is only a small part, a tiny fraction of the truth .... Even the mightiest pen could not depict the whole, real, essential truth



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