Sherlock Holmes Reloaded: Holmes, Videogames and Multiplicity



After disappearing in the Reichenbach Falls while grappling with Professor Moriarty in ‘The Final Problem’ (1893), Holmes re-emerges in ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’ (1903), supposedly having spent three years (in the Holmesian time-scheme) disguised as the Norwegian explorer Sigerson so as to fool Moriarty’s dangerous minions. Since then, Holmes has continued to return in many different places and times. In the world of Holmesian pastiche, he lives myriad lives in stories by enthusiasts all over the world. The Mary Russell novels, Anthony Burgess’s short story ‘Murder to Music’ (1989), Caleb Carr’s The Italian Secretary (2005) and films such as Murder by Decree (1980) are just a few examples. This narrative multiplicity of the Holmes stories is intriguing, and there are few parallels in literature. Like Lord Blackwood, Holmes’s antagonist in the recent Sherlock Holmes (2009) film, Holmes too is continually resurrected, almost as if by magic.


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