Rasquache Mockumentary: Alex Rivera’s Why Cybraceros?

  • Debra A. Castillo
Part of the Global Cinema book series (GLOBALCINE)


Since June 2008, the homepage of Alex Rivera’s1 over ten-year-old spoof migrant labor outsourcing website has begun with a warning: “PLEASENOTE: Cybracero warns people that the movie Sleep Dealer opening this weekend is an inaccurate and undeservedly critical portrait of our pioneering business model and is not representational of our business.” In this manner, the revamped Cybracero site immediately sends the viewer off to watch the feature film, suggesting that—in good Web 2.0 fashion—this website is an ongoing creative supplement to the fiction movie. While the continuity between the two projects is clear, the website actually preceded the movie by over ten years, and while retooled after the feature film’s successful release, the two visual forms continue to speak to different audiences and from different generic perspectives. Furthermore, the original website included as one of its most prominent features an embedded short mockumentary video, Why Cybraceros?, a role now substituted by the alluded-to fiction film in the most recent iteration of the website. This short mockumentary remains available in other venues, including Rivera’s website link to his older videos. Depending on the version of this short piece, approximately two-thirds to three-fourths of the visual material is recent and historical documentary footage, repurposed with a new voiceover narration. Thus, the evolving website and its associated materials engage different forms of reading and film appreciation: the documentary film and the internet user in the earlier iteration, the science fiction genre and feature film spectators in the later.


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