Mirroring the Political Climate: Satire in History



We would like to think today’s satire is fresh, groundbreaking, original, and different in the age of The Daily Show—but it’s not. In fact, there is a history of satire that extends as far back ancient Greece (see Aristophanes) and Rome (see Juvenal).1 The Age of Enlightenment was a fecund period for satire in Britain (see Pope and Gay2), and we look to Jonathan Swift as the hero of historical satire.3 The success of our modern satire has produced imitations abroad; there is a version of The Daily Show that airs in, of all places, Iran. In short, there is a tremendous amount that has been written about the history and expansion of satire. This study is going to stick to American satire, not for any jingoistic reasons but for practical ones. I encourage interested readers to go back and go abroad to get a handle on the amazing satirical precedent that has been set and the remarkable imprint satire is making internationally. To help point readers in the right direction, I footnote often.


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