Psychoanalysis and Its Doubles: Towards a Hauntology of Psychologization



This chapter will not set out from a seminal author or book, but rather from a seminal theory and praxis, namely psychoanalysis.1 But, claiming this central place for psychoanalysis, are we also not immediately prompted to confront the allegation that, concerning the issue of psychologization, it was precisely psychoanalysis which opened Pandora’s box? Just consider the traditional critiques of psychoanalysis: theoretically it would offer a pseudo-scientific, speculative image of the human being, and as praxis it would be an anti-empirical, pseudo- hermeneutic method leading to nothing but conflicting interpretations. In this way psychoanalysis is reproached for merely creating meanings. Instead of revealing insights, it thus litters and contaminates the scientific and cultural fields (Cioffi, 1998; Macmillan, 1997).


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