Rwanda Fast Forward: the Many Perspectives That Make Rwanda a Unique Country

  • Maddalena Campioni
  • Patrick Noack


Rwanda is one of the smallest and most densely populated African nations. It is land-locked and so is an important throughway for minerals from the heart of Africa to the eastern shores. Rwanda, though Francophone, has recently joined the British Commonwealth and is in effect phasing into English as a national language. Its population has been severely affected by the 1994 genocide, which has evidently marked a critical turning point in its modern historical and development path. Since then Rwanda's leadership has surrounded itself with star-like international advisers to shape its development and economic growth strategy; Rwanda has formulated its Vision 2020 which is in effect a policy white paper outlining its development aims. Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame, cuts a unique figure, emblematic of his country: doggedly determined to achieve his vision of development, at times critiqued for being repressive—often praised for being messianic—certainly a charismatic and experienced leader. Irrespective of preference, everyone has an opinion, an anecdote or a particular insight about this tiny mountainous country.


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