Quantitative Aspects of Social Mobility

  • Spyros Themelis
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In this chapter, I discuss the quantitative aspects of social mobility (i.e., patterns of absolute, structural, and exchange mobility), and I explore the role of education in individuals’ movement within the social structure in Protopi. The aim of this chapter is to provide the reader with an overview of the general mobility patterns and trends in Protopi (meso-level; chapter 5) and enhance the connections between the two other levels of analysis: on the one hand, with the country-specific changes that were discussed in relation to Greece (macro-level; chapters 3 and 4) and, on the other hand, with the accounts of mobility experiences of the research participants (micro-level) that will follow (chapters 7–9).


Social Mobility Service Class Mobility Rate Occupational Structure Intergenerational Mobility 
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