Searching for Human Security and Citizenship

  • Alexander J. Means
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This chapter explores tensions between various forms of social enclosure and how students, educators, and youth workers at CHS imagine their own sense of responsibility in relation to possibilities for democratic change. To begin with, I examine the experiences and perspectives of students, their criticisms of schooling, and their anxieties and hopes regarding their lives and future. Next, I discuss how teachers understand and negotiate their professional responsibility and ethical obligations to students in relation to neoliberal accountability and management. In the second half of the chapter, I profile two different models of nontraditional education at CHS. I critique the structural and pedagogical relations articulated through the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) program at CHS, highlighting in particular its position as an “exceptional” form of social and civic development at the school. Lastly, I discuss how youth workers and organizations are utilizing the principles of social justice education to engage youth at CHS and throughout Chicago in order to pressure political changes within Chicago schools and broader society. Throughout, I highlight how these different social actors (students, teachers, soldiers, and activists) struggle with understandings of individual responsibility and the need for collective action in order to develop more ethical and restorative approaches to schooling and to promote more substantive and transformative forms of security and hope in the lives of youth.


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    For a broader historical analysis of this phenomena see Deborah Cowen (2008) Military Workfare: The Soldier and Social Citizenship in Canada. Google Scholar

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