The Open Pit: Socio-Environmental Safeguards, Multilateral Meddling, and Mining Regimes in the Philippines

  • Pascale Hatcher
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The proven mineral endowment of the Republic of the Philippines is the richest in Southeast Asia (Mining Journal, 2009, p. 2). The archipelago of 7,107 islands is ranked fifth in the world for minerals; in terms of reserves, it is third in gold, fourth in copper, and fifth in nickel (DENR, 2013). It is the world’s third largest nickel producer, accounting for about 11 per cent of total world production (USGS, 2012b, p. 22.1). As demand increases in the region, the Philippines is projected to also become a key supplier and producer of copper and gold (USGS, 2012b, p. 22.3). Map 2.1 indicates the geography of the country and the location of the major mines discussed in this chapter.


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