Making Towns Meet: The Social Logics of (Trans-)local Encounters

  • Andreas Langenohl
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It has been argued in Chapter 3 that the transnational and trans-situational character of town twinning ought to be addressed from the perspective of the localization practices that make trans-local references emerge in local practices, because this reveals the situational logics and local contextualization of trans-local practices that are so distinctive about town twinning. The present chapter takes the analysis further by arguing that town twinning, understood as a set of practices of localization that generate trans-local references, encompasses different, and at times divergent and conflicting, logics of action. It is the aim of this section to find categories for analyzing those logics and conflicts. Consequently, an emic perspective will be chosen that reconstructs the logics of action and the dynamics and tensions in (trans-)localizing practices from the vantage point of the practitioners. The reason why this meaning-reconstructive mode of analysis is most appropriate for the present purposes is that it helps unfold the dynamics of town twinning practices in the course of changes to their outlook, and thus vouches for a historical contextualization. The ensuing analysis will deal with current problems and future prospects as they present themselves to town twinning practitioners (Table 4.1).


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