Educating Critical Citizens for an Alternative World-System

  • Tom G. Griffiths
  • Robert Imre
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Referring to the institutionalist branch of global studies, whose educational variant is discussed in preceding chapters, world-systems scholars Boswell and Chase-Dunn (2000, 25) presented the interstate system as promoting and developing over time a world polity, with “shared cultural definitions of what is legitimate among states and other global actors…institutionalizing the parameters of what is a goal worth pursuing.” The ensuing world polity is both defined by and defines the operation of the interstate system, and the logics of the world-system that underpin them. Boswell and Chase-Dunn’s (2000) interest was in associated strategies for transforming the capitalist world-system by changing the world polity, or in Wallerstein’s terms, the geoculture of the world-system.


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