Mass Education and Human Capital in the Capitalist World-System

  • Tom G. Griffiths
  • Robert Imre
Part of the Marxism and Education book series (MAED)


This chapter explores the global phenomenon of mass education and its relationship to the associated policy dimension of mass education for human capital development/formation in the capitalist world-economy. This is done here, and in the following chapter, in the spirit of this “sense of blasphemy,” seeking to better understand and in turn to challenge the dominance of this accepted paradigm.


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  1. 3.
    The other two mechanisms were identified as the military strength or dominant/hegemonic powers in the world-system, and the ideological commitments of key cadre and administrative staff to the system, seeing their personal well-being as dependent on the survival of the system Wallerstein, I. (1979), The Capitalist World-Economy, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.Google Scholar

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