History, Memory and Migration: Comparisons, Challenges and Outlooks

  • Irial Glynn
  • J. Olaf Kleist
Part of the Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies book series (PMMS)


The case studies presented in this book are empirical studies and theoretical explorations of the nexus between history, memory and migration. They all have ‘stand alone’ qualities that speak for themselves about the people and countries that they focus upon. With their different perspectives on migrant incorporation and the role of memories therein, the authors tell us about the various difficulties immigrants and receiving societies face in their attempts to formulate memories and evoke notions of belonging that suit their changing social settings. Beyond the individual approaches taken in the chapters, they all discuss issues that relate to contemporary social and political challenges that diverse societies today constantly have to confront - issues that are also emerging at the forefront of the nexus of Migration Studies and Memory Studies.


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  • Irial Glynn
  • J. Olaf Kleist

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