The Shaikhly Families

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A family tree (Fig. 5.1) illustrates the growth of ruling families. It gives the descendants of two of the sons of Sultan bin Saqr, who became shaikh of the Jawasim in 1803. In these two lines are included the shaikhs who are now associated with Ras Al-Khaimah. Other descendants of Sultan bin Saqr are descended through other sons and are associated with Sharjah. These have been omitted. The third generation included in this chart, that is, the generation of shaikhs Muhammed bin Salim (bin Sultan bin Saqr) and Sultan bin Salim (bin Sultan bin Saqr) is still alive. Shaikh Muhammed bin Salim, the father of the present Ruler of Ras Al-Khaimah,1 is probably over seventy years old. His brother Shaikh Sultan bin Salim, himself Ruler until he was driven out a few years ago2 by his nephew Saqr bin Muhammed (bin Salim) who took his place, is considerably younger. The last generation mentioned in any line is made up for the most part of children and young men who have not yet reached an age to be politically important.


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