Hong Kong under Chinese Sovereignty: A Preliminary Assessment

  • Brian Hook


In 1984, after protracted negotiations, the UK and China initialled an agreement on the future of Hong Kong.1 In the context of the agreement, the future was distinguished from the past by specific references to what would happen to Hong Kong after the expiry of the 99-year lease on the New Territories on 30 June 1997.2 During the negotiations, the UK had reluctantly conceded the inevitability of returning both ceded and leased territory to Chinese sovereignty.3 Accordingly, the past was separated from the future by a transition period of some 13 years. This transition period was, in practice, to be divided into two sub-periods. The difference between the two was to be reflected in the intensity of the interaction between the sovereigns and by the increasing level of consultation and co-operation as the date for the handover approached.


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