Dispute Prevention via Rule-Making Cooperation

  • Chad Damro
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This chapter tests for the expected patterns of behaviour in EU-US rule-making cooperation. The negotiation and contents of three EU-US competition agreements are analysed in light of the revised cross-level approach introduced in Chapter 3. The domestic politics surrounding the signing of the Bilateral Agreement, the PCA and the AAA are a central part of the analysis of rule-making cooperation. These initial rule-making steps may establish a framework for transatlantic competition relations that would provide the basis for subsequent exploratory institutional cooperation. Although the types of executive and administrative agreements investigated in this chapter comprise the majority of formal international agreements, explanations of international cooperation tend to focus on the negotiation, ratification and implementation of treaties. This preoccupation with treaty-making excludes the vital role played by certain domestic actors — in particular, the regulators who often negotiate, sign and implement non-treaty agreements under their discretionary authority — in explanations of international relations.


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