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Peace: virtually everyone supports it. Statesmen and women solemnly pledge themselves and their followers to the pursuit of it. Millions join rallies and demonstrations to publicly identify with the concept. Peace has inspired great works of art, music and literature and it is difficult to keep up with the ever-growing list of books, scholarly journals, theories and conferences concerned with peace. The multiplicity of peace research and advocacy institutes, as well as practical NGOs working in conflict zones, has led some to identify a ‘peace industry’.1 Yet, for all this ubiquity, the term ‘peace’ is grossly under-conceptualised, with many commentators invoking and prescribing peace but sidestepping the tricky task of unpacking and defining it (a definition of peace is reached later in this chapter).2 The vast majority of books with the word ‘peace’ in their title are actually concerned with war or conflict.


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