Jemaah Islamiyah Remains Active and Deadly

  • James C. “Chris” Whitmire


Southeast Asia’s largest and most deadly militant Islamic terrorist network, Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), is at a crossroads in its existence amid ongoing counterterrorism pressure, but continues to pose a serious threat to Western and regional interests.1 Ongoing counterterrorism measures in the past six years have certainly forced JI to adapt, but it remains active and deadly. JI operates primarily out of Indonesia, a country of critical economic and strategic importance and the world’s most populated Muslim country with over 194 million followers of Islam.2 JI is the vanguard of radical Islam in Southeast Asia and preys upon the region’s many impoverished and underemployed young people who already have a 66 percent unfavorable opinion of the U.S. government and are easy targets for jihadist recruiters.3 In addition, JI exploits the region’s vast geography that stretches over 3,200 miles and includes more than 13,000 islands, many of which are ungoverned and ideal as terrorist safe havens.4


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