President Bush and the U.S. Department of Education: The Texas Mafia, Scientific Education Policy, and No State Left Behind

  • Paul Teske
Part of the The Evolving American Presidency Series book series (EAP)


As Governor of Texas in the 1990s, George W. Bush made education reform a central focus, tying school accountability to students’ test scores. And, accurately or not, education reform in Texas was perceived to be a great state-level success, at least prior to the 2000 election.1 In a campaign with very few domestic issues upon which Bush proposed to be a president who would develop new programs and policies, as opposed to cutting taxes, education was truly a signature area for Bush. Surprisingly, too, for an issue upon which most citizens typically favor Democratic policies, Bush was perceived by the electorate to be strong on education reform, and this helped provide a concrete manifestation of his broader “compassionate conservative” agenda.


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