History of Labor Developments in Turkey

From State-Dependent to Cautiously Autonomous Unionism
  • Peride K. Blind


Turkey is the heir to the centuries-long Ottoman Empire and is currently the only secular democracy in the Middle East. Of its 70 million inhabitants, 98 percent subscribe to the faith of Islam, although the ways in which religion is practiced and lived vary considerably across its myriad ethnic and religious groups. The highly important political positioning of the country in world politics is mainly due to its role as the essential bridge between the East and the West, both in geographical and cultural terms.


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    Parts of this chapter were taken from the unedited version of my article published in the Journal of Turkish Studies by Taylor and Francis. See Blind, Peride Kaleagasi. “A New Actor in Turkish Democratization: Labor Unions,” in Turkish Studies 8, 2(Fall 2007): 289–311.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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