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Piero Gobetti was, without doubt, an astonishing figure—a precocious intellectual with a distinctive message and an ardent campaigner engaged with a variety of cultural and political currents. My focus in this book has been on his political thought but, in this, I can claim only to have skimmed the surface of his interests and the impact they have had on others. More than just a political thinker, in his short life, Gobetti was also a literary and cultural critic, a translator, historian, publisher, and, of course, an editor.


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    For an insightful discussion of one recent example of “anti-politics” in Italy, see Paul Ginsborg, Silvio Berlusconi: Television, Power and Patrimony, 2nd ed. (London: Verso, 2005).Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    See, for example, Paolo Flores d’Arcais’s enthusiastic essay, “Gobetti, liberale del futuro,” in the single volume reprint of Piero Gobetti, La Rivoluzione Liberale. Saggio sulla lotta politica in Italia (Turin: Einaudi, 1995), vii–xxxii.Google Scholar

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