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Saffron banners and bunting signifying the celebration of Cheti Chand arched over the narrow streets of Aminabad, one of the oldest markets of Lucknow, which was packed with shoppers on a mid-April Saturday afternoon. While I waited for the procession in an open-air shop, a musician from the Hari Om Mandir arrived in an autorickshaw and explained the significance of Cheti Chand and Jhule Lal through a loudspeaker attached to his vehicle. A few moments after he had sped ahead to the next intersection, I saw, around the curve of the street, a saffron banner bobbing up and down as two men carried it. Between two line drawings of Jhule Lal, large black letters announced in Hindi “Jhūle lāl mahotsav” (Grand Festival for Jhule Lal).


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