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H. G. Daswani, a Sindhi Hindu in Lucknow, was born in Hyderabad, Sindh, in 1941. His experiences and assertions introduce some of the contexts that many Sindh Hindus negotiated as they established their lives in diaspora. Sitting in the air-conditioned office of a Sindhi merchant in Lucknow, Daswani recalled his family’s response to Partition. Like many other Sindhi Hindus, his family remained in Hyderabad after Partition, anticipating that migration would not be necessary. Daswani explained, “They thought only kings can change, but population never changes.” However, after some unrest in Sindh, as refugees flooded in from independent India, and then the assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi in January 1948, Daswani’s family and many other Sindhi Hindus lost hope and began to migrate. Daswani’s family went by train to the border in Rajasthan and spent two weeks in a refugee camp, living in tents. They then moved by train to Madhya Pradesh, where authorities housed them in a vacant school building.


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