Moral Renewal



For those bent on moral renewal, to fix the world means to fix the family. Thus, according to Ralph Reed, executive director of the Christian Coalition, the goals of the Christian conservative movement are all about the family. How, he asks, can we “restore civility, compassion, and faith to our lives?” The answer, he tells us, is by restoring the family: “[w]hat religious conservatives want is to make the restoration of the two-parent, intact family with children the central and paramount public policy priority of the nation” (Reed 1994: 141, 91). With the restoration of the family, “violent crime would decline and neighborhoods would return to safety,” “civility would return to public discourse as well as private affairs,” “more young people would get married and stay married,” “children would go to school without worrying about encountering other students who brandished guns or knives in the halls,” “hard work, diligence, and frugality would be generally acknowledged as virtues.” To achieve all this, “we need a spiritual and moral renewal in America that causes wives and husbands to stay together, children to honor their parents, and neighbors to help one another again” (Reed 1994: Chapter 2).


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