Cassandra’s Calling: The Poetics of Convocation in the Works of María Elena Cruz Varela

  • Madeline Cámara Betancourt
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Writings from Inxile: The Mystic lives and writes in total social and artistic marginalization. She doesn’t care: she knows that she has a message to send. She embodies the dissident writer.


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  1. 13.
    On August 5, 1951, Eduardo Chibás committed suicide in front of the microphones of the radio station that was broadcasting his speech to the people of Cuba. Obstructed from presenting evidence for a corruption allegation that he had leveled against the government of President Prío Socarras, Chibás believed that his suicide would prove to the people that his accusations were honest and thus help stimulate their spirit of rebellion. His last words were “People of Cuba, rise and walk. Cuban people, wake up. This is my final wake-up call!” (Luis Conte Agüero, Eduardo Chibás, el adalid de Cuba [Mexico City: Editorial Jus, 1955, 783–784]). On March 13, 1957, José Antonio Echevarría forced his way into the broadcasting booth of Radio Reloj, where he used the station’s microphones to let the people know that a group of students had invaded the presidential palace to bring the dictator Fulgencio Batista to justice, and to call for a popular insurrection. His speech was interrupted by a hail of soldiers’ bullets, causing his death. On the social history of suicide in Cuba, see Louis A. Pérez, Jr., To Die in Cuba: Suicide and Society (Charlotte: University of North Carolina Press, 2005).Google Scholar

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